The GeoDallas technical program is developed, presented and vetted by experts in the geotechnical industry. Practitioners and academics come together to provide 14 pdh of education. Special consideration will be given to presentation proposals that are related to the conference theme: Geosynthetic in Transportation and Environmental Applications.

Short Courses
GeoDallas features two concurrent Short Courses. These half-day classes are included with the conference registration. View course descriptions.

Knowledge for  Better Design of Geosynthetic Reinforced MSE Structures
Instructor, Michael Simac, EARTH Improvement Technologies

Designing with Geosynthetics – Construction Protocols
Instructor, L. David Suits, LDS Geosynthetic Consulting Services

Panel Discussions
Lively debate is encouraged during our interactive panel discussions:

Incorporating Geosynthetics in the Enhancement of Transportation Infrastructure in Texas
Panel members TBA
As Congress and the current administration continue seeking ways to fund infrastructure improvements throughout the U.S., states are overcoming challenges to manage tight budgets. Geosynthetics, including stabilization geotextiles, reinforcement geogrids, and pavement interlayers can reduce construction costs and extend the life of transportation infrastructure. Experts in the field of geosynthetics and civil engineering will discuss challenges of infrastructure in Texas, and opportunities to incorporate geosynthetics for cost savings and extended design life.

GMA Panel Discussion: Geosynthetic Solutions for Levee Infrastructure
Panel members: Doug Brown, P.E., Tensar; John Lostumbo, P.E., Tencate; Michael Bernardi, P.E., Strata; Sven Schröer, HUESKER; TBD, Propex
As aging levee infrastructure is refurbished and rebuilt, geosynthetics are critical to their durability, resiliency, and sustainability. Various types of geosynthetics can provide soil reinforcement, improved drainage and seepage control, consolidation, slope stabilization, erosion control, and other functions for levee construction in innovative ways. Panelists will field questions on the use of specific geosynthetic solutions for various issues and concerns, and provide examples of innovative techniques that led to successful performance.

Technical Presentations
Ranging from case studies to best practices the GeoDallas technical sessions are sure to be enlightening. View the schedule for a full list of technical sessions.